Dean Ovens

Industrial Design


About: A well-entrenched part of society, coffee has played a pivotal role in the development of the world we live in today; bringing with it an array of social meanings and mediums which we occupy through the exchange of a caffeinated beverage. Coffee trees take years to produce their first cherries which are highly responsive to meteorological conditions that are influential on the final quality or success of a crop. There are several methods used to gather ripened cherries, notably by hand achieving a harmonious however laborious harvest. A coffee bean is processed through a series of methods altering the composition; generally packed in jute coffee sacks on small farms and shipped around the world for consumption.

Supported by rope constructed by hand from 6300 strands of jute coffee sacks; three ceramic vessels hang and move freely, exposed to the elements of their environment. The orientation of the vessels allows for a consistent flow rate and to maximise the volume where coffee is stored. Connected by borosilicate glass and cork, water drips through a ‘pod’ over a period of 12 hours. Once extracted and passed through a filter, a concentrated brew is stored so you can pour yourself a cold cup.

Ceramic, Jute fibre, Purple Heart, Borosilicate glass & Cork.

Espracio was completed in 2012 as a graduate project at MADA in association with Claystone Pottery, Nudibranch Art Glass & Coffee Supreme. The Aromi Cup was designed in collaboration with Studio Batch. A working model was completed in 2014.

Hand made by Dean Ovens

Lead Time:
12-16 weeks

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